Centre right's Cirio wins in Piedmont

PD's Nardella set to hold Florence

(ANSA) - Rome, May 27 - Centre-right candidate Alberto Cirio is the new governor of Piedmont after he announced Monday that centre-left incumbent Sergio Chiamparino conceded defeat in elections in the northern region.
    Cirio is projected win over 50% of the vote. "I'm getting straight down to work. Piedmont needs to start afresh," said Cirio.
    "Today it is the northern Italian region that is growing the least and it has the highest unemployment rate".
    Chiamparino suggested he would quit politics after "losing this last battle".
    Florence Mayor Dario Nardella said initial results suggested he had held the city for the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) without the need for a runoff vote.
    The centre left was also set to hold the southern city of Bari, but League candidates were on course to win in the first round in Perugia and Potenza.