Salvini says he won't assign port to Navy ship after migrant rescue

Interior minister says rescue took place in Libyan waters

(ANSA) - Pesaro, May 9 - Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said Thursday that he will refuse to assign a port for a Navy ship to dock in after it rescued dozens of migrants in waters off Libya. "There is a Navy ship that picked up 40 immigrants in Libyan waters. I won't give it a port," said the League leader, who has spearheaded the government's tough stance of closing ports to vessels that have rescued migrants. "Why in Libyan waters? Yesterday a Libyan coast guard patrol saved over 200 migrants and took them back.
    "We either all work in the same direction or we don't because you can't have a interior minister who closes the ports and someone else who picks up migrants.
    "It's true that some issues need to be clarified within the government".