Di Maio slams Liberation day denialists

Chides Salvini 'who was in the street with the antiabortioneers'

(ANSA) - Rome, April 25 - In an apparent dig at his government partner Matteo Salvini, Deputy Premier Luigi Di Maio on Tuesday slammed people who deny the importance of Liberation Day, when Italy recalls being freed from Fascism and Nazism.
    League leader Salvini has said he will not be marking the day because he will be at an anti-Mafia event in Sicily.
    He has also said that the commemoration in recent years has been "reduced to a fight between Reds and Blacks".
    5-Star Movement (M5S) leader Di Maio criticised those who "shrug off" the event, and noted that who are not celebrating it, like Salvini, were at a recent anti-abortion event in Verona.
    "They were in the streets with the antiabortioneers" at the World Congress of Families in the Veneto city, he said.
    association ANPI.
    Di Maio said he and other M5S bigwigs including defence and justice ministers Elisabetta Trenta and Alfonso Bonafede and Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi will be celebrating the day the Allies liberated Italy in WWII with the Rome Jewish community.
    This year, again, Rome's Jews are having a separate celebration from the main one organised by partisans' association ANPI.
    In response to Di Maio, Salvini said he would be "proud" to be spending Liberation Day opening a police station at Corleone and celebrating the men and women who fight the mafia.
    "I leave the polemics to others", he said.