M5S ticket head Danzì probed in Brindisi

But will stay on ticket says M5S

(ANSA) - Brindisi, April 15 - The ticket head for the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) in the north west Italy constitutency for the May 26 European elections, Mariangela Danzì, has been placed under investigation by Brindisi prosecutors together with port authority officials and technicians for "invading public land", sources said Monday.
    The probe reportedly concerns the construction of a customs barrier on municipal land when Danzì was sub-commissioner on the city council, sources said.
    The M5S said that despite the probe Danzì would stay at the head of the ticket.
    They called the probe "insignificant".
    photo: Danzì (left) with M5S leader Luigi Di Maio and other ticket heads