Explosive package sent to League member

Apparently similar to one sent to Turin Mayor Appendino

(ANSA) - Turin, April 5 - A suspect package, apparently similar to an explosive package sent to Turin Mayor Chiara Appendino this week, was delivered to a League member in the northern city on Friday, sources said. The package was sent to Alessandro Sciretti, the leader of the League in Turin's Circoscrizione 6 borough.
    Like the package to Appendino, it was signed "Scuola Diaz", the Genoa anti-globalist sleeping quarters that saw a brutal police raid at the G7 summit in 2001.
    Sciretti recently came under for referring to the Diaz when talking about the punishment protestors who caused major damage in the city in February 7 should face. Police had said they suspected the Appendino package was sent by anarchists.