We don't quit in tough times - Renzi

Martina shows solidarity for ex-premier after parents arrested

(ANSA) - Turin, February 22 - Ex-premier and former Democratic Party (PD) leader Matteo Renzi on Friday pledged to battle on as he resumed a tour to present his new book after his parents were put under house arrest earlier this week.
    The Senator's parents are under investigation for alleged fraudulent bankruptcy and issuing false invoices. Renzi has said his parents are innocent and the decision to put them under house arrest is excessive.
    "Faced with the difficulties we have, everyone says we are finished," said Renzi, who quit as PD chief after the party suffered its worst-ever showing at last year's general election.
    "We are the ones who remain and never give up," he said to warm applause at the event at Turin's Lingotto complex.
    The ex-premier also attacked the current 5-Star Movement-League government.
    "An (additional) budget (to correct the public finances) is already ready. They are just taking us for a ride because they want to win the European elections (in May)," he said. "An additional budget means that they'll put their hands in our pocket.
    "Since they have been in power, the economy is in reverse".
    Former Agriculture Minister Maurizio Martina, who is among the candidates running to be the PD's new leader, attended Friday's event.
    "It was a duty to be here, above all in the human level," Martina said. "A party is a community. When you have leaders like Matteo Renzi who are going through a delicate period, it is important to be present".