PD questions Conte lectureship

Says commissioner who judged him was former partner

(ANSA) - Rome, October 8 - The centre-left opposition Democratic Party (PD) on Monday filed an urgent question in the Senate saying the competition in which Premier Giuseppe Conte became a university lecturer in 2002 "could be tainted by grave incompatibility".
    The PD Senate caucus said a law professor, Guido Alpa, was in the commission that judged Conte even though "Alpa was described as a partner in the CV Conte sent to parliament." Conte wrote to La Repubblica daily Monday saying "Professor Alpa is not, properly speaking, my 'mentor' and contrary to what has been reported I and Professor Alpa have never had an associated professional studio, nor have we ever constituted an association between professionals".
    In the letter, published on the front page of the left-leaning daily, Conte said he and Alpa used a secretary's office also serving other professional studios, "as often happens in the professional world".