No more indiscriminate migrant reception

Premier reports to Senate on Diciotti case

(ANSA) - Rome, September 12 - Premier Giuseppe Conte said Wednesday that his government has stopped the "indiscriminate" entry of migrants into Italy as he reported to the Senate on the case of the asylum seekers saved by the Diciotti coast guard ship. Interior Minister and Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini is under investigation for alleged aggravated kidnapping after he refused to allow over 100 migrants to disembark the Diciotti during a 10-day stand of with the EU. In the end Catholic bishops agreed to take 100 while Ireland and Albania said they would take 20 each.
    "What has changed with respect to the past is that Italy is no longer willing to receive migrants indiscriminately, contributing, albeit involuntarily, to increasing the traffic of human beings," Conte said.