Vitalizi, golden pensions to be cut

'Historic day' says deputy PM

(ANSA) - Rome, July 12 - Labour and Industry Minister and Deputy Pre,ier Luigi Di Maio said Thursday "today is a historic day" because 'vitalizi' parliamentary pensions will be cut.
    "All of Rome will celebrate," Di Maio said.
    The vitalizi are seen as a symbol of unacceptable privilege on the part of former MPs, who get large pensions even after attending parliament for a very short time.
    Di Maio's anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) has vowed to cut them for some time.
    Di Maio also said that so-called 'golden pensions' above 4,000 euros a month would be cut.
    He said they would be cut "for those who have not paid in enough contributions". Italy should go to the EU "with a strong voice" to earn the same kind of budget concessions that were given to France and Spain, Di Maio went on to say.
    "Italy's voice will be heard loud and clear in Europe," he said.
    "The main problem in Italy are jobs and the economy and this is the time to find resources for the basic income, the Fornero pension law changes and the flat tax," he said.
    "WE will ask the Union to be treated like all the other countries, like France and Spain which for years financed reforms for families who have children, getting budget concessions.
    "We are a founding member(of the EU), and we want the same concessions too".