Tria vowed to respect EU rules-Moscovici

Commissioner says not worried by Savona comments on euro

(ANSA) - Brussels, July 11 - European Economic Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said Wednesday that Italian Economy Minister Giovanni Tria has pledged the 5-Star Movement/League government will respect the EU's budget rules. "We have an interlocutor, Minister Tria, who has assured us that Italy is preparing the 2019 budget with the total intention to respect the rules and total commitment to the eurozone," Moscovici said. The Commissioner also said he was not worried that Italy was preparing a 'plan B' to quit the euro after European Affairs Minister Paolo Savona said it needed to be ready if it were forced out of the eurozone. "There are statements that go in this direction, but most go in another director, which is the good one," said Moscovici.
    "I have bene informed that (Labour and Industry Minister and Deputy Premier Luigi) Di Maio clearly said that this government does not plan to quit the euro".