Dignity-decree amendments must add to package - Di Maio

'Improving does not mean watering down' says labour minister

(ANSA) - Rome, July 9 - Amendments to the government's so-called 'dignity decree' will only go in the direction of additions to existing norms and not of watering them down, its architect, Labour and Industry Minister and Deputy Premier Luigi Di Maio, said on Monday. "Parliament must be able to debate the decree and improve it," Di Maio said.
    "I don't think it will need to be put to a confidence vote but as political leader of M5S I say that we will not retreat on the norms," he added. The package, touted as a declaration of war on precarious jobs and offshoring, has been criticised by business leaders who are calling for amendments when the decree passes through parliament. "To improve means to make additions, not to water down," Di Maio said. In this sense, amendments to further remove red tape or increase fines for companies that delocalize would be welcome, the minister concluded.