Migrants aren't numbers, pope says

'Walls must be torn down' says Catholic leader

(ANSA) - Vatican City, June 14 - Migrants are not numbers but people in "need of constant protection, regardless of their migration status", Pope Francis said Thursday.
    The pontiff said that when it comes to the issue of migration "not only numbers are at stake but people, with their history, culture, feelings and aspirations".
    "These people, who are our brothers and sisters, need constant protection, regardless of their migration status".
    "All of them hope that we have the courage to tear down the wall of that comfortable and silent complicity that worsens their situation of neglect", the pope also said.
    Francis called for a "change of mentality" on migrants. "It is necessary to change mentality - to move from considering someone as a threat to our comfort to appreciating others who, with their life experiences and values, can bring a lot and contribute to the richness of our society", the pope told participants of 'Holy See-Mexico talks on international migration'. "For this reason, a fundamental attitude is to approach others to embrace them, get to know them and recognize them", the pontiff also said.