PD not indifferent, no to M5S -Martina

Party can't contemplate road proposed by Di Maio - Martina

(ANSA) - Rome, April 10 - Caretaker Democratic Party (PD) leader Maurizio Martina told a meeting of the centre-left group's lawmakers on Tuesday that the party should be in the opposition in the new parliament while stressing that this does not mean being politically passive, sources said.
    The PD is reeling after being pounded in last month's inconclusive general election, in which the centre right was the top coalition, while the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement was the first single party.
    The M5S has called on the Euroskeptic, anti-migrant League, a member of the centre right, and the PD to support a government led by it to break the political deadlock.
    "We cannot contemplate the road proposed by (M5S leader Luigi) Di Maio. His logic is unacceptable," Martina said.
    "The PD and the League are not interchangeable. Denouncing this does not mean we are indifferent to what happens.
    "We must interpret an honest, clear position all the way, clearly saying that we are on the side of an initiative that develops via parliamentary roads, without looking in from the window". Outgoing Culture Minister Dario Franceschini, however, said the PD cannot just stand by and watch what is happening.
    "No-one won in such a way as to be able to govern the country and so I think it is no longer enough just to watch," he told the PD parliamentary party meeting, sources said. "I believe the initial phase, with the directorate that said the party should be in opposition, was right, but now we need to prepare for a second phase," Franceschini said.
    "I am not proposing a government with M5S or Di Maio," he added.