Turin metropolitan council Olympic Yes (2)

Motion approved unanimously

(ANSA) - Turin, March 14 - The Turin metropolitan authority on Wednesday unanimously approved a motion for Mayor Chiara Appendino to present a "manifestation of interest" for the northern Italian city to bid to host the Winter Olympics again in 2026. The document seeks to kick of a path towards a bid, combining two motions that had been presented, one by the centre-right and centre-left together, the other by Appendino's anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S).
    The proposal has split the M5S in Turin. A meeting of the city assembly on the issue did not reach a quorum on Monday after four M5S councillors opposed to the idea failed to turn up. "We have voted for tough, unpopular decisions out of a sense of responsibility towards the city," Marina Pollicino, one of the M5S councillors against the bid, said on Facebook. "The Olympics, the manifestation of interest and the direction that this should give the Olympic project, albeit with variables of I don't know what substance, are completely outside the concrete matter of the budget". Turin successfully hosted the Winter Olympics in 2006.
    In 2016 the M5S administration in Rome sank the Italian capital's bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics.