Ask responsibility from M5S,League-Lotti (3)

Time to see what winners want to do says sports minister

(ANSA) - Rome, March 8 - Sports Minister Luca Lotti said Thursday that his Democratic Party (PD) was ready to listen to President Sergio Mattarella's call for responsibility after Sunday's inconclusive election. But he added that the appeal should be primarily directed at the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement and the right-wing Northern League, the two parties that made the biggest gains in the election. "If we want to be serious, we are always ready to listen to the words of President Mattarella and his appeal for responsibility," Lotti said via Twitter.
    "Instead of speaking of the PD - which lost and will be in the opposition - perhaps the time has come to see what the winners, (League leader Matteo) Salvini and (M5S premier candidate Luigi) Di Maio, want to do". Lotti, who is considered close to outgoing PD leader Matteo Renzi, also took a swipe at Justice Minister Andrea Orlando, who has called on the centre-left party to analyse the reasons for its defeat.
    He picked up on the fact that Orlando failed to be elected in the first-past-the-post contest he was in and only got a seat in parliament thanks to the "parachute" of his position in a list for lawmakers elected via proportional representation.
    "Minister Orlando was right when he asked for a debate about the PD, within the PD," Lotti said on Facebook.
    "That way we'll be able to talk about those who lost in the constituency of residence and were saved by a parachute, about those who opted not to run and those who won without a parachute.
    "Hearing those who have never won an election in their life pontificate about election results is getting embarrassing".