Another menacing made-up Boldrini photo (2)

House Speaker portrayed with head in shears

(ANSA) - Milan, February 6 - Another menacing made-up photo targeting House Speaker Laura Boldrini, a member of the leftwing Free and Equal (LeU) party, has been published on the Internet.
    The photo reported by the Sentinelli di Milano Facebook page shows Boldrini's head between an open pair of shears. The manipulated image is linked to the case of Pamela Mastropietro, an 18-year-old murdered and dismembered near Macerata last week, allegedly by a Nigerian migrant. "Justice for Pamela Mastropietro, who was barbarously killed and chopped up by a Nigerian friend of Boldrini's," the caption to the image read.
    Boldrini is frequently the target of venomous online abuse, including one recent image showing her with her throat cut, and fake news reports.