Maroni says backs Salvini after outburst (2)

Lombardy governor accused League head of Stalinist tactics

(ANSA) - Milan, January 12 - Outgoing Lombardy Governor Roberto Maroni said Friday that he continued to back League leader Matteo Salvini after accusing the latter of using Stalinist tactics on him in a newspaper interview. "It was a human outburst, not a political one," said Maroni, who came under fire from Salvini after announcing this week that he will not stand for re-election in March's vote in the northern region. "I'm sorry about this controversy, which I did not want.
    "As far as I'm concerning it is a closed page. Viva Salvini premier.
    "I let off steam because I felt that I was treated a little badly.
    "Now I'm going back to work like before and I support the Salvini premier bid because that's what League members do".