Seeking Lazio, Lombardy deals - Bersani (2)

LeU has ruled out pact with PD for general election

(ANSA) - Rome, January 11 - Pier Luigi Bersani, a leading member of the Free and Equal (LeU) party, said Thursday that the leftwing group was seeking to reach an agreement to run in alliance with the Democratic Party in regional elections in Lazio and Lombardy in March. The new LeU party led by Senate Speaker Pietro Grasso has so far ruled out forming a pact with the PD for the general election, which will be held on March 4, the same day as the Lazio and Lombardy contests. The LeU features many former PD members who left the party due to hostility towards its leader, ex-premier Matteo Renzi. "We are working, we'll do everything," Bersani said.
    "The important thing is that it's not just a rabble against the Right or an agreement between leaders.
    "An alternative leftwing proposal is needed".