Not all promises achievable - Padoan (2)

Economy minister calls on parties to make credible proposals

(ANSA) - Rome, January 9 - Economy Minister Pier Carlo Padoan on Tuesday warned voters that not all promises were achievable ahead of Italy's general election on March 4. "We are going into a period of electoral competition," Padoan said at a ceremony for the 70th anniversary of the Italian Constitution. "Each party will try to win the biggest possible slice of support. "They will do so alluding to economic policy choices promising better benefits to their electorate. That is the nature of democracy. "It is the job of the electors to assess the various proposals and to remind themselves that not all promises are achievable.
    "It would be opportune for all the parties in the competition to make this job easier for the electors, formulating proposals that are measurable and, therefore, credible". On Monday Padoan blasted the centre-right coalition's election pledge to scrap the 2011 Fornero pension reform, saying this was a pillar of Italy's financial system.