PD still working for ius soli - Zanda (2)

Calendar can be respected without obstructionism - Senate whip

(ANSA) - Rome, December 6 - Democratic Party (PD) Senate Whip Luigi Zanda said Wednesday that he remained hopeful of passing the ius soli (law of the soil) bill on citizenship for the children of migrants born in Italy. The fact that a schedule for the Upper House agreed on Tuesday featured the ius soli bill at the bottom was seen by some as a sign the legislation had little chance of being approved before the end of the current parliament, with Italy set to have a general election early in 2018. Another flagship progressive bill, on living wills, was put at the fore of the schedule.
    "I remain convinced that the calendar set yesterday by the conference of whips can be entirely respected before the Christmas break, starting with the end-of-life bill and including the ius soli" Zanda said.
    "If this does not occur, I'll have to call for another meeting of the conference of whips to change the calendar".