Alitalia to get 300 mn more (3)

Bridge loan deadline extended to Sep 2018

(ANSA) - Rome, October 13 - A tax decree issued Friday earmarked 300 million more euros to struggling airline Alitalia.
    The deadline to repay a bridge loan was also moved back, to September 2018.
    The fiscal decree approved by the cabinet includes the extension of Alitalia's bridge loan, sources close to the dossier said Friday.
    The troubled former flag-carrier was granted a 600-million-euro bridge loan to keep it operating earlier this year after being put into extraordinary administration.
    The government is looking for a buyer for the airline.
    Lufthansa CEO Carsten Sporhr said Thursday that the German airline would be interested in taking over Alitalia only if it were possible to make a fresh start with it.
    "It there were a chance of creating a new Alitalia, as Europe's number one (carrier) Lufthansa would certainly be interested in the talks," Sporhr was quoted as saying by German media.
    "Italy is an important market for us. (But) Alitalia as it is today is not an issue".
    Alitalia is currently in emergency administration and its commissioners are looking for a new buyer willing to acquire the whole airline.
    Lufthansa is buying parts of failed German carrier Air Berlin.