M5S Sicilian primary outcome suspended (2)

Pending result of appeal by excluded candidate

(ANSA) - Palermo, September 12 - A Palermo court on Tuesday suspended the outcome of the 5-Star Movement's primaries in Sicily, which saw Giancarlo Cancelleri elected the anti-establishment group's governor candidate via an online poll. The result has been suspended pending an appeal by a candidate who was excluded from the primaries for failing to sign an M5S document. The appeal will be heard later this month. The elections in Sicily are less than two months away.
    The M5S did not have a candidate at recent council elections in Genoa because of legal dispute after the movement's leadership failed to back the winner of its online primary there.
    "There is no risk of chaos," said the blog of M5S leader Beppe Grillo.
    "The 5-Star Movement will participate in the elections and it will do so following the decisions taken by the court".