No improvisation on hotspots - Alfano (2)

Foreign Minister comments on French centres in Libya

(ANSA) - Milan, July 27 - Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano on Thursday warned against improvisation, after France announced it may set up asylum-seeker hotspots in Libya. "France can't move forward with improvised lines," Alfano told reporters in Milan. "The (migrant) camps there should be managed by international organizations like the UNHCR. It is not a subject to address with improvised lines".
    There have been reports of irritation on Rome over France's recent initiatives regarding Libya. At the meeting hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron, Sarraj and General Khalifa Haftar, whose Libyan National Army controls parts of the east of the country, agreed on a ceasefire and new elections.
    Premier Paolo Gentiloni said Thursday hotspots in Libya were not a focus for Italy. "We have our agenda, which commits us to a reception plan, discussions with the NGOs on a series or rules and favouring reconciliation between the forces," he said.