Napolitano slams Orfini on wiretaps (2)

Sends PD chair 'documentation' on Unipol affair

(ANSA) - Rome, May 18 - Former Italian president Giorgio Napolitano on Thursday slammed democratic Party (PD) chairman Matteo Orfini for "an insinuation" regarding the Unipol affair 12 years ago. Napolitano said he had sent Orfini "documentation" on his stance over a damaging 2005 wiretap in the near-purchase of the BNL bank. Orfini on Wednesday criticised Napolitano for alleged inconsistency in calling critics of illegal wiretap publications "hypocrites" because they had done nothing to stop the longstanding practice. Orfini had described the publication of an illegally obtained wiretap in which PD leader and ex-pre,ier Matteo Renzi tells his father to tell the truth in the CONSIP civil-service procurement agency graft probe as "an attack on democracy" and said "they are just trying to hit Italy's top party".