Renzi-father wiretap 'attack' (5)

'Sole aim of striking top party'

(ANSA) - Rome, May 17 - The publication of a wiretap in which Democratic Party (PD) leader Matteo Renzi urges his father Tiziano to tell the whole truth in a probe into civil-service procurement agency CONSIP is an "attack on democracy," PD chairman Matteo Orfini said Wednesday. He said the publication of the wiretap "has the sole aim of striking the country's main party". Tiziano Renzi is under investigation for suspected influence-peddling and has denied meeting the arrested businessman at the centre of the probe, Alfredo Romeo. Former premier Renzi is heard on the wiretap telling his father to tell the truth about an alleged meeting with Romeo, which Renzi senior is heard denying took place. The ex-premier also urges his father not to tell police that his mother was there too.
    Responding to Orfini, one of the leaders of a group that split from the PD last month, Roberto Speranza of the Democratic and Progressive Movement (MDP), said "the PD is now using the same arguments that (ex-premier Silvio) Berlusconi used a few years ago" in commenting on his legal cases.
    Anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) MP Danilo Toninelli tweeted: "From Orfini subversive words against the prosecutors probing CONSIP and thinly veiled threats against investigative journalists.
    "What are they afraid of?" Former president Giorgio Napolitano, an ex senior member of the PD, said those criticising the publication of wiretaps were guilty of "frightful hypocrisy".