PD to present election-law proposal

'Rosatellum' half proportional, half first-past-the-post

(ANSA) - Rome, May 17 - Details emerged on Wednesday of a proposal to be presented by the ruling Democratic Party (PD) to the Lower House Constitutional affairs committee for an adjusted German-style electoral law to replace the 2015 Italicum that was declared partly unconstitutional earlier this year. The new draft law, dubbed 'Rosatellum' after PD Lower House whip Ettore Rosato, envisages the election of half of the 630 members on a first-past-the-post basis and the other half by pure proportional representation from blocked party lists of four candidates only, according to a version seen by ANSA.
    The bill sets a 5% threshold for seats in parliament. "The PD has owned up: it wants an Anticinquestellum (a law against the Five Star Movement, M5S) in order to create an electoral ragbag typical of the First Republic," M5S members of the Lower House Constitutional Affairs Committee said in a statement. "They are not interested in the best electoral law for the country, but only in a pigsty law against the M5S," they added.