Italy left alone on migrant relocation (3)

'Very deplorable' for EU says German chancellor

(ANSA) - Berlin, May 17 - Italy has been left "very alone" on the issue of migrant relocation, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday. Speaking at the Labour 20 meeting of the G20, she said "Germany has pledged to take in 500 refugees every month, we're trying to do our bit." She said thousands of refugees were reaching Italian shores every day, "for the EU it is very deplorable that we do not have a joint system of redistribution and that Italy is left very alone with this issue". Merkel also said more should be done to help Italy on migrant repatriations.
    "We must help Italy also to make sure that the refugees who are not entitled to stay may return to their countries of origin", she said.
    Merkel added that conditions in migrant camps in Libya were "frightful". Frontex said Tuesday that 37,200 migrants arrived in Italy through the Central Mediterranean route in the first four months of 2017, up 33% with respect to the same period last year.