'Media pillory' shows seriousness-Renzi (2)

Ex-premier told father to 'tell the truth' on CONSIP

(ANSA) - Rome, May 16 - Democratic Party (PD) leader Matteo Renzi said Tuesday that the publication of wiretaps of a conversation with his father amounted to a "media pillory" but added that they also showed his seriousness regarding the CONSIP case.
    Renzi's father Tiziano is under investigation in a probe into alleged corruption at civil-service procurement agency CONSIP.
    "This morning Il Fatto (Quotidiano) published wiretaps between me and my father with great emphasis," Renzi said on Facebook. "They reiterate my seriousness as, when the CONSIP scandal broke, I called my father to say 'Dad, this is not a game, you have to say the truth, only the truth'.
    "The wiretaps are a gift to me in political terms. Their publication, as always, is illegitimate. "But I cannot complain: I am not the first to go through this media pillory. On the contrary, it was much worse for some others. Some took their own lives, some lost their jobs".