Anti-police graffiti in Locri (4)

President had said mafiosi 'do not have honour'

(ANSA) - Locri, March 20 - The bishop's building in Locri was daubed with graffiti overnight after President Sergio Mattarella blasted the mafia in a visit to the southern city on Sunday. The graffiti read "more work, fewer cops". On Sunday Mattarella said that mafiosi "do not have honour". The building is home to bishop Francesco Oliva and over the last few days it has played host to anti-mafia priest Father Luigi Ciotti.
    Vandals also wrote "Father Ciotti cop". Local authority workers quickly painted over the graffiti. Justice Minister Andrea Orlando said Monday "the stupid lie that the mafia provides work has returned...and we must continue to fight against these men without honour".
    Senate Speaker Pietro Grasso said he would visit Locri Tuesday to show solidarity with Father Ciotti.
    Father Ciotti said Monday "concrete work bothers the mafia, and honest work is the prime antidote to the Mob".
    Reggio Calabria prosecutor Federico Cafiero de Raho said "it's (Calabrian mafia) 'Ndrangheta that deprives these areas of jobs".