'Truth for Giulio' say Regeni family

Said to find kidnap-gang story hard to believe

(ANSA) - Trieste, March 25 - The family of Giulio Regeni, the Italian student tortured and murdered in Cairo earlier this year, on Friday posted on Facebook their photo holding an Amnesty International flag saying "Truth for Giulio Regeni".
    Cairo authorities have pinned the blame for Regeni's murder on an alleged gang that kidnapped foreigners, all of whose members were shot dead by police Thursday night, but Italian prosecutors say they are not satisfied with this latest version of events. Paola and Claudia Regeni, Giulio's parents, said they had no comment on the Egyptian authorities' latest account but source close to the family said that, since it was in line with previous attempts to blame the murder on criminals, they found it hard to believe.