Italian woman 'killed in Brussels metro'

Victim of attack on metro

(ANSA) - Rome, March 23 - An Italian woman was probably killed in Tuesday's terrorist attacks in Brussels, former minister Maurizio Lupi said Wednesday after a meeting of party whips at Premier Matteo Renzi's office. Lupi said that Renzi had said that the Italian authorities are verifying the possibility that an Italian woman was killed in the attack on the Brussels metro. "The premier informed us that verification of a possible Italian victim is taking place," Lupi told reporters. "(The possible victim is) a woman who was missing.
    "The phase of identification (of the body) is under way. The relatives are at the (Italian) console in Brussels. "She was a woman who was taking the metro as normal. She should be among the victims of the metro (attack) but the violence of the explosion has made it impossible to recognise the victims".