UNHCR slams EU-Turkey migrant deal

'Fails to protect refugee rights, places them at risk'

(ANSA) - Rome, March 18 - The UNHCR refugee agency said Friday today's EU-Turkey deal on migrants and asylum seekers places them at risk and fails to protect their right. "This a humanitarian refugee crisis," Carlotta Sami from UNHCR Italy told RAI News 24 public broadcaster. "This accord must set up a series of guarantees on the specific rights of refugees both in Greece and in Turkey, and it does not. The refugees need protection, not to be sent back. We fear the agreement on relocations will only affect a small number of people and could place non-Syrian nationals at risk". She added that right now in Greece and Turkey, refugee rights are not being protected.
    "Greece still lacks adequate reception (facilities)...and rapid processing of asylum requests," Sami said.