Turkey's EU entry 'long' process - Renzi

In Italy, both left and right supported Turkey joining EU

(ANSA) - Brussels, March 18 - Premier Matteo Renzi said after an EU-Turkey summit on migration Friday that Turkey's joining the EU will take time. "The process of Turkey's entering the EU is very, very complex," Renzi said. "Today it was decided to take a step forward, but the road will be neither easy nor short". Renzi added that "for the record - compared to social media historians - in the past, both the right and the left, both (ex-premiers Silvio) Berlusconi and (Romano) Prodi were in favor of (Turkey's) entry...Those against were the Germans and most of all the French, who blocked that process when - to put it diplomatically - Turkey was far less beset by attacks and terrorist threats than it is today".