Renzi slams Italy transport strike

'Citizens deserve better than strikes against non-existent war'

(ANSA) - Brussels, March 18 - Premier Matteo Renzi on Friday slammed a public transport strike in Italy, which was called in protest against government policies including a possible military intervention in Libya. "I believe citizens deserve better than to see small unions striking against a non-existent war," Renzi told reporters after an EU-Turkey migrant summit. "This poses the big issue of union representation, which I hope labor and Confindustria (industrialists' association) will resolve, because either they do it or we do it for them".
    "Those who strike against a Libya war are making fools of the Italian people, because we are not at war in Libya. Perhaps I didn't make myself clear: Italy is not waging war in Libya, and those who go on strike on a Friday in the name of a war in Libya are conning citizens".