EU migrant policy needed-Matterella

President tells IFAD fighting hunger key part of solution

(ANSA) - Rome, February 17 - Italian President Sergio Mattarella said Wednesday that the European Union needed a coordinated policy to tackle the asylum-seeker crisis. "The (migrant) tragedies (at sea) that I just recalled impose the need and urgency on us at the European level for a coordinated, effective, single policy," Mattarella said during a speech at Rome-based United Nations food agency IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development).
    The Italian head of State said promoting sustainable development and combatting poverty and inequality was a key part of the "hope for a better future for entire populations and, as a consequence, the planet".
    He added: "the chain of hunger, poverty and the flight from poverty is strong, but it can and must be broken.
    "It is the historic responsibility this world owes future generations and, above all, the Zero-Hunger Generation that is about to be born and whose hopes we cannot disappoint".