Resigning Marino defends record

'Uncovered corruption, cut the tentacles, restored finances'

(see related)(ANSA) - Rome, October 8 - Resigning mayor Ignazio Marino addressed the citizens of Rome Thursday to defend his record while in office.
    "Dear Romans, I have thought a long time before making my decision," he said. "I did so with the interests of the capital of Italy, of my city, as my only pole star". "I submit my resignation, knowing that it can be lawfully withdrawn within 20 days. This is not cunning on my part: it is the search for a serious verification as to whether it is still possible to rebuild these political conditions," he said.
    Marino added that "systemic corruption has been uncovered, the tentacles have been cut, large-scale reforms are underway, the budget is no longer in the red, the city has resumed attracting investments and investing. The results, therefore, are beginning to become visible".
    "I cannot conceal a serious fear that past mindsets will return to govern (the city)," he went on.
    "The mindset of speculation, of illicit private interests, of cronyism, and of the corrupting, mafioso mechanism that also tainted parts of the Democratic Party (PD)".