BTO expo reaches accord with art cities

To combat overcrowding, create local registry for lodgings

(ANSA) - Rome, December 7 - Buy Tourism Online (BTO), an online tourism expo, has reached an agreement with major Italian "art cities" to help better manage tourism influxes for sustainable tourism as well as share best practices for improving the cities and joining forces into one system. The memorandum of understanding within the network of the "Great Italian Destinations for Sustainable Tourism" was signed in Florence at the recent BTO expo there by the tourism councillors of Florence, Naples, Milan, Venice, and Rome. The agreement provides for implementation on an experimental basis of a nationwide regulatory system that would establish a registry for citizens offering tourist lodgings, as well as a requirement for lodging agents, including those who operate only online, to work only with lodgings properly listed in the registry.
    Another important part of the accord for the major art cities is recognition of the tourism-lodging nature of short leases that take place in urban contexts.
    The five cities, together with the Italian Culture Ministry MiBACT, are working on shared projects to manage tourist influxes with systems of gathering, monitoring, and managing data in real time to inform travelers in real time on places that are the most crowded and consequently advising others.