Venice tourist complains over fish meal (2)

'Bums', Brugnaro retorts

(ANSA) - Venice, November 8 - A tourist from Birmingham in England has complained to Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro about a fish meal that cost him and two dinner companions 526 euros.
    "I don't want any reimbursement but I'd like to draw your attention to an incident that could could risk Venice's reputation," wrote Luke Tang.
    Tang said the restaurant brought them unpriced fish dishes including oysters totalling 297 euros, while pricing the rest of the meal as it appeared on the menu.
    The Trattoria Casanova near St Mark's Square denied this, saying "we brought them dishes they had ordered with the price clearly indicated".
    Brugnaro said "the bill was right, we are Venice after all", and called the diners "bums".
    "The bums, they eat and drink, then say they don't even know the language. But if you come to Italy you should learn Italian, and even a little Venetian wouldn't hurt".