Carasau bread debuts in dictionary

Presentation in Cagliari for book's 100th anniversary

(ANSA) - Cagliari, November 8 - Sardinia's typical 'carasau' bread has been listed for the first time in Italy's Zingarelli dictionary on the 100th anniversary of the iconic book published by Zanichelli.
    The dictionary's definition is: typical Sardinian bread in the shape of a disk, very thin and crunchy that can be preserved for a long period of time.
    The dictionary explains that the bread is named after the verb 'carasare', which in Sardinian dialect means toasting because the bread is toasted after it is baked.
    The bread's debut in the dictionary was presented at Cagliari's classical lycée Dettori as part of a tour to present the new edition.
    The linguist and literary critic Massimo Arcangeli, a professor at the University of Cagliari, and socio-linguist and translator Vera Gheno of the University of Florence attended the presentation.
    Sardinian terms have previously debuted in the dictionary and have always referred to food, including 'guttiau', another local bread.
    "Often typical products become popular because they are sold nationwide, sometimes helped by industries, like panettone", an Italian Christmas cake originally from Milan, said Arcangeli.
    The dictionary is increasingly becoming a book full of information and suggestions, added the linguist, noting that even an expert can be acquainted with some 120,000 Italian words out of 145,000.
    The dictionary marks with a rhombus all the words it deems to be fundamental and with a flower the terms that are increasingly less used.
    "I would also use a heart for the words that describe sentiments of affection and spades for words that cannot be cancelled but should never be used", said Arcangeli.