Valle d'Aosta specialities protected by new Sicpa label

DOP, DOC and IG products benefit from trial project

(ANSA) - Aosta, June 9 - A new project by Swiss company Sicpa, launched in partnership with Expo VDA, aims to ensure the authenticity of typical food products from Valle d'Aosta.

    The experimental initiative involves four protected designation of origin (DOP) products - Fontina and Fromadzo cheeses, Lard d'Arnad lardo and Jambon de Bosses spicy cured ham - controlled designation of origin (DOC) wines and the traditional IG-mark Aosta Valley liqueur Genepy, and a total of approximately 30 producers.
    Globally renowned Fontina is made from unpasteurised whole milk produced by a local breed of cow fed with rich grass in summer and fodder in winter. It is left to mature for at least 80 days and the ivory or straw-coloured interior is soft and elastic.
    Fromadzo is produced from cow's milk obtained from at least two milkings, which is sometimes supplemented by small quantities of goat's milk.
    The cheese is semi-sweet when fresh but develops a more distinct, slightly salty taste when left to mature. The interior is elastic and compact.
    Jambon de Bosses is cured ham flavoured with mountain herbs, produced at 1,600 metres in the Gran San Bernardo valley.
    Its documented history dates back to 1397 and it can be left to season for up to two years.
    Lard d'Arnad is a complex blend of water, salt, herbs and spices mixed with the lardo; slices are white with a possible streak of meat and a slightly pink core.
    It has been produced since at least 1763 and is stored in special chestnut, oak or larch containers. The Valle d'Aosta also boasts a wide and high-quality range of mountain wines produced under the single DOC appellation Valle d'Aosta-Vallée d'Aoste, and the Genepy liqueur, which obtained the geographical indication (IG) last February.