Marras talks fashion for Zanichelli

'Urban didactic' with 16 masterworks by designer

(ANSA) - Milan, November 5 - Fashion designer Antonio Marras this week is inaugurating a collaboration with the Zanichelli publishing house of Italian dictionary Zingarelli, injecting fashion and art into words as part of a campaign promoted under the hashtag #laculturasifastrada (#culturegetsahead).
    The so-called 'urban didactic' campaign has been launched by Zanichelli with graffiti with special Italian words and will include 16 masterworks by Marras to be exhibited at his atelier in Milan's Via Cola di Rienzo.
    The designer's take on the Italian vocabulary will be open to visitors until November 21.
    Eight of his works will then be auctioned for a fundraiser at the Museum of Cultures in Milan by comedian Geppi Cucciari.
    "Culture has never gone out of fashion", said the Sardinian designer.
    "It represents something that is so connected to our existence that we can't live without it".
    "It's like air", continued Marras.
    ""I think my work implies a connection with reality and, as a consequence, the culture that surrounds us".
    "What I tried to do over time is to make fashion dialogue with other disciplines: art, dance, poetry, cinema, theater, literature".
    Marras continued saying that "fashion is a language, a code, a way to communicate and clothes are words of a great vocabulary".
    The work created by the designer for the initiative - to be presented over the next few days in Milan - includes 16 creations in which the vocabulary has been infused with other elements through the same creative process used by Marras to design his clothes.
    "The urgency to translate into sign what is around and inside of me has become increasingly pressing over time - like something that wants to come out and I can't control", he said.
    With the Zanichelli campaign, the designer explained, "the vocabulary becomes an ideal object" to tell a story out of the box.
    "Lines, designs, a mess, gauze, wire, cement, a doll's eyes, little soldiers, burns, spikes", among others, are transformed into the designer's "unexpressed words, a code through which my world becomes concrete".
    A complex stratification that "fights against flatness, banality, commonplaces - excess, eccentricity win", he said.