Frizzi has bad turn during recording (3)

'Slight ischaemia'

(ANSA) - Rome, October 24 - Popular TV presenter Fabrizio Frizzi had a bad turn yesterday during the recording of his prime-time quiz 'L'eredità' (The Inheritance), sources said Tuesday. Frizzi, 59, was taken to hospital, they said. According to initial reports Frizzi is not in a serious condition. Sources said he had had a slight ischaemia.
    He was said to be conscious and feeling relatively OK.
    Doctors are running him through a barrage of tests, medical sources said.
    RAI State broadcaster said Frizzi was in a "stable" condition and undergoing tests at Rome's Umberto I Hospital. RAI Director-General Mario Orfeo visited him last night and this morning, RAI said.
    "We spoke and joked," said Orfeo on his way out of the hospital Tuesday morning.