Colosseum ticket price to rise

4th most popular tourist site worldwide

(ANSA) - Rome, March 11 - A new 'differentiated' ticketing system is in the process of being introduced for the Colosseum and other nearby archaeological sites in Rome. As of November 1, visitors will have to pay 16 euros, an increase of 33% from 12 euros, for a 'Basic' ticket giving access to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. As of today it is already possible to buy the new 'Super' ticket - which also includes a number of 'Super' sites such as the House of Augustus and the Santa Maria Antiqua church - for 16 euros.
    From November it will also be possible to buy a 'Full Experience' ticket for 22 euros, which allows access to all the sites for two days.
    The new was announced by Colosseum archaeological park director Alfonsina Russo, who noted that new routes and technological innovations had been added in 2018 and that accessibility had been improved. She added that growth had been steady over the past 20 years, "to the point of reaching the maximum limit of visitors. For security reasons, the monument cannot have more than 3,000 in it at the same time. The 'Super' ticket', for example, makes it possible to access 'Super' sites when the Colosseum is 'full'." Some 60 million people or 0.8% of the global population have visited the Colosseum in the last 10 years, Russo said.
    Russo said "the number of visitors is in continual and strong growth, even higher than that of tourists arriving in Rome. The Colosseum archaeological park is the 4th most popular cultural site in the world (after the Louvre, the Great Wall of China and the National Museum of Beijing) and is the most popular in Italy. Culture ministry undersecretary Gianluca Vacca and Rome deputy mayor Luca Bergamo announced Monday that a system to cut time spent by tourists waiting in line to enter sites may be introduced "soon", possibly in the next year.
    The system has been tested in the Uffizi Galleries in Florence on days when the museum is free. Starting this year, there will also be a 'Nero route' in the Colosseum archaeological park.
    On April 11, Russo said, "we plan to open Nero's Palace on the Palatine Hill, known as 'Transitory Domus'. This will be the beginning of a new route focusing on Nero that links the palace on the Palatine Hill destroyed by a fire in 64 AD with one that was to become the royal palace, the Domus Aurea on Colle Oppio.