Canaletto stars at Venice Palazzo Ducale

Exhibit kicks off on February 23

(ANSA) - Venice, January 2 - The 1700s in Venice, with its light and shade, will be on display at an exhibit to be held at Palazzo Ducale that will focus on an extraordinary century for art with Giovanni Antonio Canaletto as the absolute star. The show will run from February 23 until June 9. It is promoted by the Fondazione Musei Civici in Venice and curated by Alberto Craievich, in cooperation with Paris' RMN-Grand Palais.
    This artistic season of great complexity and value for painting, sculpture and decorative arts featured great changes in the history of ideas and techniques, as well as in social life.
    The exhibit focuses on the evolution of art that broke its ties with the rigor of Classicism and the theatricals of the Baroque period as color gained the lead role over design.
    Luca Carlevarijs was key in defining Venetian landscapes, Rosalba Carrera renewed portraits.
    Two young contemporaries painted masterworks in which light played a key part - Giambattista Tiepolo with aggressive brush strokes in dynamic compositions, Canaletto in landscape painting in a style that will progressively become more controlled and pure.
    Pietro Longhi's work is also exhibited as well as the great season of engravings and of Giambattista Piranesi.
    The art of Murano glass, gold jewelry and the manufacture of porcelain are also on display.
    The protagonists of the end of the century are Francesco Guardi and Giandomenico Tiepolo, son of Giambattista. Guardi's art is far removed from Canaletto's sunny certainties and appears to evoke a declining Venice while the city's aristocratic and happy life leaves room to an era of irreverence, where everybody is free and equal, with the revolution setting France on fire in the background. The 1700s and the show end with Neoclassicism and Antonio Canova.