Judge orders Goering paintings seized

Art works taken by Nazis are in Belgrade

(ANSA) - Bologna, November 23 - A Bologna preliminary hearings judge on Friday ordered the seizure of eight paintings including Titian and Tintoretto taken by the Nazis at the end of World War Two on Hermann Goering's orders and given to Yugoslavia.
    The Bologna probe aims to get the paintings back.
    It could be tough, however, given that Belgrade authorities have already rejected Italian prosecutors' requests to carry out judicial action in Serbia.
    Belgrade is unlikely to agree to the seizure order, judicial sources said.
    Therefore, diplomacy would have to come into the picture, they said.
    The judge acquitted three Italian art experts accused of using goods of illicit provenance because they included the Goering pictures in a 2004 Bologna show entitled From carpaccio to Canaletto, Treasures of Italian Art from the National Museum of Belgrade.
    photo: Tintoretto, Madonna and Child with Senator