Rome Passetto wall fragments come off

Walkway links Castel Sant'Angelo to Vatican

(ANSA) - Rome, September 4 - Some fragments of the exterior walls of the Passetto di Borgo, the covered walkway that leads from Castel San'Angelo to the Vatican, fell off on Tuesday morning, police said.
    The bits of wall came down opposite the RAI State broadcaster building, sources said.
    Fire teams cordoned off he area.
    "Small portions" of the wall came off, police said.
    Parts of the wall made of tufa rock came off, they said.
    Firemen also removed parts which were deemed "in imminent risk of falling".
    It is the third such collapse in Rome in a week.
    Last week the roof of a church in the Roman Forum caved in, and rocks and earth fell off the Tarpeian Rock.