Secondary school rankings out

Data available on Agnelli Foundation website

(ANSA) - Turin, November 9 - Historic state secondary schools on the whole continue to provide the best education in Italy, according to the annual rankings of Italian secondary schools produced by Eudoscopio for the Agnelli Foundation published on Thursday.
    The main exception is in Milan, where the Sacro Cuore, a Catholic high school operating within the state education system, came top in humanities again this year. Alessandro Volta, a state secondary school in the Lombard capital, instead came top in scientific subjects. In Rome the best secondary school specialising in humanities was Torquato Tasso, while Virgilio came top in science.
    Last year Mamiani topped the Rome ranking in both fields of study. In Turin Cavour remained in top place for humanities while Galileo Ferraris gained the primacy in science. In Naples Sannazzaro overtook Umberto I to gain first place for humanities while Mercalli remained top for science. The research institute assessed over 6,000 schools and examined the data of approximately 1.1 million students from three consecutive academic years for the study.
    "Over the last four years (since its foundation in 2014) Eduscopio has become a point of reference for families, as shown by the approximately 800,000 unique visitors to the website, with an average annual increase of 17% and 3.5 million pages consulted," said Agnelli Foundation director Andrea Gavosto. "Eduscopio is successful because the information it contains is the fruit of careful analysis using major data bases … It helps those who are not satisfied with 'word of mouth' and, in particular, those families that cannot rely on strong social and cultural networks. In this sense, it is also a democratic tool," Gavosto added.