Filmmaker Riso victim of homophobes (2)

In Rome

(ANSA) - Rome, October 3 - Italian director Sebastiano Riso was the victim of a homophobic attack by two men in the lobby of his building in Rome's Ostiense district yesterday afternoon, sources said Tuesday.
    Riso, 34, whose latest film Una Famiglia was presented at the recent Venice Film festival, was punched, kicked and insulted, the sources said. Taken to the ER at Fatebenefratelli Hospital, he was found to have minor injuries to his side, cheekbone and eye.
    Police are viewing CCTV footage of the incident.
    Una Famiglia stars Micaela Ramazotti as a surrogate mother.
    "I was targeted as a filmmaker, as a gay, and as a person" said Riso.
    "Three blows, to the face, stomach and sternum. Yesterday I was struck three times, and I feel myself attacked three times, as a gay, as a film director and as a person.
    He saidf that while they were hitting him the two men directed homophobic insults at him.