Taranta music festival opens in Calimera

Farmers' songs and evolution of 'pizzicata' on August 11

(ANSA) - Bari, August 10 - The 20th edition of 'La Notte della Taranta', a festival dedicated to folk-music traditions of the Salento area in southern Puglia, is opening on Friday night in the town of Calimera near Lecce.
    This year's performances will be dedicated to a number of issues including the history of local farmers' uprisings, migration and the evolution of the local 'pizzica' music.
    The event 'Altra tela' will open the evening at 9:30 pm with the concert 'Terra Pane Lavoro. Canti contadini d'amore e di lotta' (land, bread, work. Farmers' songs of love and conflict) with director Rocco Nigro and performers Rachele Andrioli, Antonio Castrignanò, Massimiliano De Marco, Dario Muci, Vito De Lorenzi, Giorgio Distante and Giuseppe Spedicato. The event's organizers said the concert is a musical voyage through farmers' lives in the Salento area from the end of the 19th century until a movement to occupy lands in 1949-1951.
    Overall, performances will evoke local history including social unrest, war and emigration.
    The Zimbaria group will then perform a repertoire of traditional melodies from the Salento area.
    Zimbaria offers a mix of taranta music, celtic melodies and rock.
    The vocal and instrumental evolution of the 'pizzica-pizzica' are at the heart of the music played by the band founded by Pino Zimba and today led by Rossano Ruggeri. For Information, check out the http://www.lanottedellataranta.it/ website.