Furniture, art on auction at Bolaffi

Catalogue includes large section dedicated to Oriental art

(ANSA) - Turin, May 19 - Over 1,000 items including Old Master paintings, precious carpets, silverware and refined furniture pieces are to be put up for auction on May 24 at the Bolaffi auction house in Turin.
    The sale items include an important collection dedicated to Oriental art. "The strong point of this catalogue is its cross-disciplinary nature," Cristiano Collari, an expert from the furnishings, paintings and art objects department, explained.
    "There are objects with an easy fit, which are ideal for furnishing, to the extent that they have already been given a setting in the auction showroom," he added.
    The section dedicated to European art alone counts over 360 items, including the delightful 'Maternità' by Angelo Morbelli (1854-1919) depicting his wife breastfeeding their small son, which has a starting price of 20,000 euros.
    There is also an interesting selection of pencil drawings by Giovanni Boldini (bidding to start at between 1,500 and 2,000 euros), who is the subject of an exhibition currently showing in Rome. "In his drawings the master from Ferrara known particularly for his worldly portraits displays his creativity, intriguing (the viewer) with slices of daily life, scenes of horses and coaches, female faces and figures, in particular of his muse the Marchioness Casati," Collari said.
    The Bolaffi auction also includes important antiques, including a late 18th-century mahogany and bronze chest of drawers made by Guillaume Benemann, the refined cabinet maker who worked at the Court of Versailles, with a starting price of 15,000 euros.
    There is also a pair of armchairs made by Pierre Nogaret, another renowned craftsman working at the time of Louis XV, with a bidding price of 5,000 euros.
    The catalogue also includes a section devoted to rare and unusual objects from a Wunderkammern - a room displaying curiosities collected by scholars, scientists and noblemen in Italy and German-speaking areas from the 16th century onwards - in Milan.
    There is also an important section devoted to Oriental art, including a sculpture of the Goddess Uma (Cambodia, Khmer, Kheleang period, late 10th century) wearing a simple sampot tied by a thin waistband and embellished by a vertical band hanging between the legs (bidding price 10,000 euros) and a coral engraving featuring 12 female figures and flowers set on an ivory base (China, Qing dynasty, early 19th century, 8,000 euros).
    "They are objects with an interesting bidding price for people wanting to furnish a space with a touch of refinement," Aste Bolaffi COO Maurizio Piumatti said.
    "Recently these art objects have drawn the attention of oriental buyers who are interested in taking them back to their countries of origin."